Cable tool drill rigs | Air core drilling rigs | RC & RAB drilling rigs | Diamond core drilling 

There are many sorts and models of drilling rigs are available in the drilling industry. Every occupation requires a specific sort of penetrate to be effectively executed, so it is imperative to choose the right gear. Cable tool drill rigs are particularly used in drilling water wells which are finished in bedrock aquifers. This kind… Continue reading Cable tool drill rigs | Air core drilling rigs | RC & RAB drilling rigs | Diamond core drilling 

Percussive and Rotary drilling machinery

The drilling machinery tools used to drill holes in the ground for various tasks like prospecting, well sinking (petroleum, natural gas, water, and salt), as well as for scientific explorations. Drills bore holes in rock to get impacting charges are an operation in burrowing, mining, and other exhuming. Most current boring apparatus are either percussive… Continue reading Percussive and Rotary drilling machinery

Radial Machine

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